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1730 Full Metal Hotend Troubleshooting / FAQ

This section deals with many of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and provides toubleshooting.


Temperature is going up and down
- Check if the Thermistor is in the hole and correctly fixed
- Check if the Thermistor Type is correctly set in the firmware

Temperature is not going up to higher Temps
Check if the Heater cartridge is fixed correctly

Min-max Temp error in Display
- Check if the Thermistor is connected to the corresponding T0input on your controller board
- Thermistor broken or shorted wire
- Thermocouple is used instead of Thermistor

Nozzle is not letting through much filament or no filament at all
- Check if filament is not contaminated
- Check if the cooling fan is on (Fan must run constantly)
- Check if filament diameter is OK

Firmware Settings

Which thermistor is the 1730 Full Metal Hotend using?
The 1730 Full Metal Hotend is using a 100K Thermistor NTC 3950.

Which thermistor type should I select in Marlin?
Marlin Thermistor Type in Configuration.h file = Type 11 (Type 1 for older versions).

Do you have general PID-settings
#define DEFAULT_kp 19.95
#define DEFAULT_ki 1.97
#define DEFAULT_kd 50.50

Auto tune PID-Settings
PID-Settings can vary depending on your type of 3D-Printer setup. It is recommended having Marlin to do an auto tune for the correct PID-Settings. Instructions on auto PID tuning: