MendelMax 1.5 Reprap 3D Printer Frame Kit - Red - ABS 299.00€

This is a complete Mendel Max 1.5 hardware kit consisting of all Printed parts in red ABS, aluminum extrusions (Misumi) including sliding nuts, bolts and washers and all gliders, linear bearings (LM8UU) and of course all steel shafts (8 mm) for X / Y and Z axis.

The J-Head Works extruder includes all the bearings and the filament transport screw. The Y-slide is printed entirely in ABS.

The spool holder is also included.

What is included in this MendelMax 1.5 Frame Kit:
- High quality MendelMax 1.5 Printed Parts (Red - ABS)
- Smooth and Threaed rods for X, Y & Z Axis
- All Misumi Aluminium Extrusions
- MendelMax 1.5 Spool Holder
- Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Gliders & Bearings

Still needed before you have a working 3D Printer:
- Stepper-motors
- 3D Printer Controller
- Timing Belt
- Heated Bed
- Springs
- Endstop Switches
- J-Head Hotend
- Groovemount
- Thermistor
- Machined Aluminium Pulleys
- Fireproof glass plate
- Bulldog clips
- Endstop Switches
- PC Power Supply
- USB cable & other wiring

- 3 mm Filament
- Blue Painter Tape for PLA
- Kapton tape voor ABS of PET tape for ABS / PLA
- Aceton

Please keep in mind that you need some special tools to mount this frame like Taps and dies

(Ships unassembled)


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