Prusa i3 Achatz Edition Full Frame Set 79.00€

The Prusa i3 Achatz Edition Frame is made of a specially selected high quality type of Trespa (HPL). The Frame consists of the Main Frame Plate, Side Panels and a Carriage Plate for mounting the Heated Bed. A Mounting Plate for the Filament Spool Holder is also included.

The Side Panels have pre-drilled holes for mounting any of the standard 3D Printer Controllers like the Sanguinololu 1.3a, Minitronics, Megatronics, RAMPS and a 12 x 10 cm PC Power Supply. This Frame can be used in combination with the standard Prusa i3 Printed Parts.

Trespa (HPL)

Included Parts:
1x Main Frame Plate
2x Side Panel
1x Carriage Plate for Heated Bed
1x Spool Holder Mounting Plate

Frame Dimensions:
370 mm Wide
372 mm Tall
6 mm Thick

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 11 December, 2013.