0.25 KG 1.75 mm Filament LAYWOO-D3

Print wood now - with tree rings!

LAYWOO-D3 is a revolutionary new 3D printing filament that enables you to print objects in wood, even with annual tree rings. 

With this revolutionary new material you can print objects that look and smell like wood!! LAYWOO-D3 is a German engineered wooden desktop 3D printer filament. To be precise LAYWOO-D3 filament is a mixture of 40% recycled wood with a binding polymer. This wood/polymer composite allows the filament to be printed just like thermoplastic filaments – such as ABS and PLA – but gives your creation a wooden-like appearance.  

LAYWOO-D3 filament is designed for 3D printers based on RepRap technology. The thermal strength of LAYWOO-D3 filament is similar to PLA and can be printed between 175°C and 250°C. After printing, your object will look and smell like wood and it can also be handled like wood. After printing you can cut, grind and paint your creations similar as you can do with wooden objects. Depending on the temperature at which LAYWOO-D3 filament is printed, it will take on a different shade of brown. This means that by intentionally varying the printing temperature, you can simulate a tree’s growth ring effect. At 180°C your LAYWOO-D3 prints will have a light colour and at 245°C your print will become darker.  

 We currently sell this revolutionary LAYWOO-D3 filament in coils of 250 grams

3D Printer Compatibility

This coil of filament can be used on FDM 3D Printers that use a 1.75 mm HotEnd that is suitable for reaching the temperatures needed to print LAYWOO-D3. A List of common FDM 3D Printer Models:
  • Prusa Mendel i2
  • MendelMax 1.5 & 2.0
  • Prusa i3
  • Ultimaker
  • Makerbot
  • Vellemann K8200
  • Solidoodle
  • Printrbot
  • Felix 3D Printers
  • Mendel90
  • Kossel, Delta, Rostock 3D Printers
  • Maibox
  • Lulzbot
  • 3D Touch
  • Rapidbot
  • Orca
You cannot use this 1.75 mm Filament on a 3D Printer that is equipped with a 3 mm HotEnd.

Tech Specs
  • Material: LAYWOO-D3 (Wood Filament)
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Print Temperature : 175 - 250C (All Metal HotEnds, e.g. E3D v6, need to print at the higher end of this temperature scale)
  • Weight: 0.25 KG
  • Packaging: Coil

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