UHU Glue Stick 40 g

Making the objects you want to print stick to the glass plate is a challenge for everyone using a 3D printer. While using PET or KAPTON tape in combination with for example 'ABS juice' works fine it really is a hassle. You have to prepare the glass plate, put tape on the surface, apply the 'ABS juice' before you can even start your print job. The worst part has yet to come, when you've finished printing the objects are very hard to release. Blood shedding guaranteed!

We found that the UHU Glue stick, miracely, solves many of these rather frustrating issues. Objects not only stick tightly to the glass plate, you also get super smooth surfaces. Using tape on the contrary on top of the glass plate will always leave some air under the tape which will effect the smoothness of your object. A further great advantage of using the UHU Glue Stick is the fact that objects release themselves from the glass plate when the print job is done and the glass plate cools down. Simple as that & no more precious blood shed. 3D printing is fun again!


1. While the glass plate is still cold, apply a thin layer of glue using the UHU Stick on top of the glass plate. Let it dry for half a minute.
2. Heat-up your heated bed and start your print job.
3. When the print job is done, cool down the heated bed.
4. After minutes you will hear a cracking noise. Don't worry, this is good news as the objects are popping off the glass plate.

You do not need to re-apply the glue on every new print job you start. For orientation: after about 4-6 print jobs add a new thin layer of glue. Do not forget to thoroughly clean your glass plate once a while.

Technical Specs:

• UHU Glue Stick
• Amount: 40g


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