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easyDelta Reprap 3D Printer - Frame Kit - DIY

easyDelta Reprap 3D Printer - Frame Kit - DIY

The easyDelta 3D printer is designed to give the very best user experience in 3D printing. The easyDelta 3D printer is extremely easy to build (no advanced technical skills or soldering required) and brings you world-class printing quality. You can print higher and faster now than ever before. Get ready and experience the next level of 3D printing.

This DIY Frame kit is equipped with only premium components and incorporates the latest technological advancements in the world of Reprap 3D printing.

Easy to build - No soldering required!!!

Assembling a 3D printer can be tough task and often requires an advanced technical skill set. The easyDelta 3D Printer is designed to be a very easy to build delta 3D printer. No advanced technical skills or even soldering required. If you can tackle building up a bookshelf from Ikea, you qualify for assembling the easyDelta 3D printer. This Frame Kit is split in easy to follow steps. These steps correspond to the steps in the build manual (only 60 pages). Each part is properly labeled so you will not lose any time sorting out the parts. Typically the easyDelta is fully build and operational in less than a day.

Print higher & faster

The easyDelta 3D printer is based on a concept that uses parallelograms which restrict the movement of the end platform to pure translation on the Axes. This principle allows the easyDelta 3D printer to run 1-2 times faster than the typical cartesian 3D printers (Prusa Mendel, Prusa i3, MendelMax 1.5, Ultimaker, Makerbot, etc.). The delta construction also allows printing significantly taller objects. The build area of the easyDelta 3D printer has a diameter of 260 mm with a maximum printable object height of 313 mm.

Functional design based on preformance

The easyDelta 3D Printer not only has industry leading technology setting standards on performance, a main focus from the beginning was set on the overall design of the 3D printer. All components that form part of the easyDelta 3D printer are carefully integrated into the final design while ruling out any unnecessary elements. The easyDelta 3D printer will make a great impression on your desk, living room, company facilities, class room, exhibition booth or any other location. You can be assured to get those wows and ohhhhs. It is surely fascinating to see most cartesian 3D printers in action. A delta type of 3D printer is a different ball game.

Next to easyDelta's observable design, we have made it really easy and convenient to access the electronics by adding a maintenance opening on the bottom of the 3D printer.

Tech Specs:

Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Build Area Diameter: 260 mm
Build Height: 313 mm
Max. Printing Temperature: Up to 400 °C (achievable only with E3D's v6 All Metal HotEnd)
Max. Heated Bed Temperature: 120 °C (achievable with ONYX rev6 Heated Bed)
Layer Height: 50-350 Micron (depends on nozzle size)
Optimal Print Speed: 60 mm/s
Maximum Print Speed: 160 mm/s
Maximum Movement Speed: >500 mm/s
Supported Filament: 1.75 mm Diameter Filament
Interface: USB

Physical dimensions:
Diameter: ~500 mm
Height: 795 mm
Weight: ~13 kg

What is in the box:

- easyDelta Printed Parts (high quality parts, printed on low speeds)
- easyDelta Trespa Plates (Frame, Motor Mounts, Rods Mounts, Panels) - Aluminium profiles (Black anodized) - Smooth rods for Z-Axis
- easyDelta extruder + Drive Gear Mk7
- easyDelta Spool holder
- NEMA17 Stepper motors 1.8 degrees step / 4.8 kg/cm
- Mechanical Endstop Switches
- ATX Power Supply Unit
- USB Printer Cable
- GT2 Timing Belt
- GT2 Machined Aluminium Pulleys
- All necessary Hardware: bearings, washers, nuts, bolts, gliders and miscellaneous
- Wiring


E3D v6 - A HotEnd that sets the standard

The easyDelta 3D Printer is optimized for being equipped with E3D's brand new E3D v6 All Metal HotEnd. E3D builds by far the best HotEnds currently available on the market and it was an easy pick to use these Hot Ends on our new easyDelta 3D Printer. The printing quality is absolutely brilliant. Combining the great mechanical features of the easyDelta 3D printer to E3D's v6 HotEnd gives you the best overall printing experience on a fused deposition modeling 3D printer at the moment.

3D Printer Controller + LC Display Controller

The easyDelta 3D Printer is powered with the very well supported RAMPS 1.4 3D Printer controller which runs a special Delta version of the Marlin firmware. The RAMPS 1.4 controller comes together with an Arduino Mega 2560 compatible board and four Stepper Motor Drivers. The full electronics upgrade also includes a LC Display Controller Unit which can be mounted to the front of the easyDelta 3D printer. The LC Display Controller Unit allows to run your 3D printer autonomously (no pc connection required) which we recommend as it guarantees the best functioning of the easyDelta 3D Printer.

Heated Bed + Fireproof Glass Plate

The 3D printing industry is evolving at an ever increasing rate and we see more and more exciting new filaments becoming available for fused deposition modeling 3D printers. With the E3D v6 HotEnd and a state of the art heated bed you are ready to print all these great materials. The ONYX Rev6 Heated Bed can be heated up to a max. of 120 °C. A Heated Bed is required for printing many materials like ABS or Nylon as it improves the overall printing quality and prevents warping.

*Please note that you will get a fully functional easyDelta 3D Printer only by adding the Electronics, HotEnd & Heated Bed yourself. The easyDelta 3D Printer is designed for working with an external Display Controller Unit. It is not strictly necessary for operating the easyDelta 3D printer as you can use the USB connection, but strongly recommended.

The kit ships unassembled




    easyDelta Build Manual              easyDelta Quick Installation Guide

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