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Raptor 3D Scanner Documentation Centre

Welcome to the Raptor 3D Scanner Documentation Centre. The links in this space point to the latest version of the Raptor 3D Scanner documentation.

Raptor 3D Scanner Manuals

                 Raptor 3D Scanner Build Manual
+ Software / Calibration Instructions

Version: June, 2015
Models: Frame Kit & Full Kit (Standard Edition)

Raptor 3D Scanner SD Card

Below you will find a pre-installed and pre-configured Raspbian/FreeLSS image for the Raptor 3D-Scanner which you can easily install on a SD Card (minimum size of SD Card: 8 GB). After finishing the download, please unzip the file. You will now have a .IMAGE file. You should then use a program like Win32DiskImager to correctly write the image to your SD Card.

Please do not upgrade or AUTO-UPDATE the Firmware as this is not supported and will probably not work. Serial numbers are NOT needed and supported.

                 Raptor 3D Scanner SD Card
for Raspberry Pi B+

Raspbian image & FreeLSS installed & pre-configured
File Size: 1.6 GB

                 Raptor 3D Scanner SD Card
for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Raspbian image & FreeLSS installed & pre-configured
File Size: 1.9 GB
Raptor 3D Scanner Settings


Raspberry PI Operating System
                 Raspbian OS

FreeLSS Software - 3D Printable Laser Scanning System

                 FreeLSS Software


Additional Instructions



Tricks & Hacks

                 Fing - IP Network Scanner

To access the Raptor 3D Scanner Webinterface you will need to know the IP adress of the Raspberry Pi. You can find it in your Router or use a free IP Network Scanner like Fing. Available for Mobile & Desktop.


MeshLab is an extensive system to clean your scans from unwanted point clouds and generate STL files from PLY files.

                 Refocus Raspberry Pi Camera

Improve the quality of your scans by refocusing the focus of the Raspberry Pi Cam. When you execute this hack you will void any warranty claims on the camera. Be extremely careful.

You will need a PDF reader and a Zip decompresser installed in order to view or open some of the files provided.