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Modern manufacturing technologies are rapidly changing the way parts and products are being produced. RRU 3D Services & Prototyping is your expert partner in taking full advantage of the exciting opportunities in the world of digital manufacturing. From the initial prototyping process to the production stages.


Who We Are

RRU 3D Services & Prototyping is a digital manufacturing company, established in 2012. Our team is a dynamic mix of experienced engineers and young ambitious 3D designers. We are specialized in producing complex prototypes and running small batch series productions by using the latest production technologies like 3D printing, 3D scanning, CNC and laser cutting.


What Do We Do

3D Printing

3D Printing is a new technology to create parts. It is an additive production process and great for creating first prototypes or small series production batches.

3D Design

In order to produce something in the field of digital manufacturing you need a 3D drawing. RRU can create 3D drawings from 2D drawings or from physical parts.

3D Scanning

3D scanning or photogrammetry can be a solution for reproducing complex or organic parts.


Our team of 3D, mechanical and electronical experts can help you build a prototype of a part or product that can be massed produced.

Small series production

RRU can facilitate the production process of parts by 3D printing or other production techniques. Often 3D printing can be a serious alternative for the costly technique of injection molding.


RRU offers consultancy services in the field of digital manufacturing. We consult in production methods, material selection and many more topics.
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Overview Of Projects